Wind Turbine


We filed our first UK wind generator patents during 2002 – 2003. The patents cover both the design and also the means of manufacture. These small scale wind generators were developed to test rig standards and we commissioned Professor David Infield at the Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology to evaluate the first prototypes in the wind tunnel facilities at Loughborough University. Whilst accurate calibration and small vibration caused by imperfect development mouldings reduced the overall quality of the test data the wind tunnel trials were successful. A big surprise to David was the extent to which the turbine rotors still ran successfully when turning the test rig array on it turntable to an acute angle to the air stream. This R and D procedure followed by test results has led to two continuing wind rotor developments. The first continues the development of the helical generator geometry based upon the principles of the 2002 patents. The second is a much larger wind rotor array of commercial scale that is subject to a new series of patent developments. The second machine was subject to test rig field trials during October – November 2010. From the scores of hours spent on site and related theoretical studies we are well armed with design changes currently in progress.