Product Design

The Torch range of directional fixtures was designed for Concord Lighting. The product collection was launched at the Euroluce Lighting Fair in Milan and commercial sales of 8,000 products were complete within 48 hours. Return on investment occurred in the same two day period. The product went on to win Design Awards in Germany and within two years total sales exceeded any other lighting product made in Concord’s history. By year 3 the Director of Manufacturing advised us that Torch was the most profitable product per cubic metre of manufacturing space in the companies history. Sales and marketing success allied to good design is always rewarding but equal pleasure came from the Concord factory in Newhaven. The best production staff of 300 migrated to the Torch assembly line to put the product together. The claim was that it was beautiful to touch and incredibly simple to put together leading to all sorts of shop floor production bonuses.

“Torch can be see illuminating great art collections in Europe, Russia, the Far East and Australasia and is Concord’s most successful product range to date.”

Janet Turner, Director of Marketing, Concord SLI.