Taiwan Design Conference

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Atkinson Design Associates were invited to be keynote speakers at the Taiwan International Design Forum in December 2010. We were asked to make a presentation of our consultancy history and our efforts over the past decade on sustainable design embracing half a dozen sustainable technology projects. Our acceptance of the invitation was straight forward once we became aware of the conference title, “Green Products and Sustainable Cities”. The beauty of the pretext “Sustainable Cities” is that 90% of our sustainable projects relate directly to reducing carbon energy within our Cities, or generating renewable electricity adjacent to these urban centres of consumption. Dr Rungtai Lin the conference moderator held the discussion together very eloquently over a two day period. The presentation of Simon Chua of Benoys Hong Kong gave dramatic insight into the scale and speed of retail development in this region and an essay of architectural priorities in moving towards sustainable futures. During the conference we managed to visit three rapidly growing lighting technology companies. Separately we were the guest of the Taipei Design Centre and the investments being made in design by the Taiwan Government are significant.