Space Centre


The National Space Centre Headquarters is a prominent landmark building designed by sir Nicholas Grimshaw (Grimshaw Architects). The HQ Management team work very closely with the Space Research Team at the University of Leicester. In addition to close cooperation on space research activities and the wider promotion of such research and exploration projects the Space Centre accommodates a visitors centre with 200,000 visitors per annum. Atkinson Design Associates designed the HQ admin facilities prior to the opening of the £50 million investment and we were invited back on a shortlist of three consultants to remodel a new £2 million corporate hospitality suite combined with the reworking of a new space exploration gallery. The Space Centre brief embraced a series of interactive and dynamic components intended to dramatise sequential elements of space exploration. These elements, events or immersions included Portal Entrance, Human Space Flight, Motion Simulator, Future Shuttle, Floating Robot Pod, Walking on the Moon and Working in Space