Sileby Village Appraisal

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The Sileby Village Appraisal process represents a first deep immersion into community work, whilst touching the boundary edges of democracy, Parish Councils and Local Government. Working together with twenty concerned villagers who joined the Village Appraisal Committee, we negotiated a plethora of community difficulties. Few of us had a real understanding of how demanding this process would become. The Sileby Village Report accounts for many measures of inadequacy or incompetence in public transport provision, planning consent and development procedures and the lack of modern amenities or provision made for the young, the elderly and the disadvantaged. The village of Sileby has a population of ten thousand in approximately three thousand households. The seventy page questionnaire, hand delivered to three thousand households took a couple of years to write. In excess of 52% of the village returned fully completed questionnaires giving detailed answers to more than eighty questions. The village of Sileby has lost approximately two thousand light industrial jobs over a twenty five year period. This shift in manufacturing and employment patterns is almost a template for UK plc and very few in Government at any level appear to have adequate knowledge or concern about the process and even less capacity to do anything about it.