Retail Storage

Product Design

The new retail system was developed during 2010. The design brief for the system emerges from the first principles of simplicity and sustainability. The “less is more” agenda and the recent economic crash invites even the most powerful retailers to demand higher quality at lower unit cost. The system is established as a flat pack construction using a series of industrial materials that are only 6mm thick. As a result the cost of shipping and distribution with associated emissions are reduced to a minimum, but working on a fastener to tie very thin sheet materials together proved intriguing. A high proportion of fixings and fasteners are attached within the thickness of more conventional panel materials, but our pursuit of 6mm denied us this opportunity. The fastener developed is rotated through 90 degrees to address this difference and hold the various junctions in compression. The universal fastener sits at each junction and can carry various arrays of doors, drawers, fronts, backs, branding devices, pricing strips and lighting elements. The principle product is extremely flexible but visually quiet allowing brand to be the dominant essay.