Phoenix Square


Atkinson Design Associates were appointed as interiors consultants to the new Digital Media Centre in partnership with the project architects Marsh Grochowski. Interviews leading to the appointment were protracted, taking place over a two year tender period with an initial 70 + competitors. This schedule of accommodation included: Two state of the art cinemas, Café – Bar, Digital Exhibition Space, Technical Workshops, Studio spaces and Sixty three apartments.
The project architects and the interior design team sought to maximise the capacity and flexibility of the interiors to integrate current and future digital technologies. The great dilemma with digital technologies and increasingly luminaire technologies is the rate of change and the speed of technical redundancy. Within all public areas of the building our design strategy sought to maximise the use and application of such technologies while minimising construction costs to change this equipment on a short horizon. The two central devices employed include an array of ceiling lighting rafts that integrate both direct and indirect lighting, combined with sound equipment, projector systems and flat screen displays. Whilst this overhead array has the mechanical integrity to accommodate such flexibility, the rafts remain visually quiet, most of this capacity is hidden from view. A similar strategy of network cabling behind the skin of the interior wall cladding enables the client to respond to changing technologies with minimal disturbance to the fabric of the building.