Peugeot Headquarters


We were hired as interior design consultants for the new £25 million Peugeot Headquarters building in Coventry UK. The project architects were Stephen George and Partners. The brief required a full range of interior design services in parallel with detailed consultancy evaluations on all procurement procedures and supplier appointments. The headquarters building is a series of three storey pavilions arrayed around a central garden courtyard and circulation core. The schedule of accommodation for 500 staff includes a high proportion of open plan floor plates with private offices kept to a working minimum. Staff restaurants and kitchens and a product launch centre – conference facility for 200 guests occupy a large proportion of the ground floor beyond a 3 storey entrance lobby. The client had ring fenced a procurement budget for the HQ furniture. We were asked to put an evaluations structure in place to maximise the quality of this portfolio of products. The procurement included the review of 14 European furniture suppliers in detail. This long list was reduced after detailed scrutiny to three leading companies. To assist the final procurement decisions each company supplied workstation environments for internal and external evaluations, these results further informed the client’s final decision.