We were invited by the architect Julian Marsh to contribute design and lighting design services to a master planning and urban regeneration project in the centre of Nottingham. The Meadows district of south central Nottingham has been the centre of policy debate for the past twenty years. Nottingham City Council supported the principle intentions of the project, including the redefinition of public spaces and green open areas, consequential improvements to leisure and sports facilities, the definition of the river embankment, the bridge, Memorial Gardens and the large inner city housing area to the north of the scheme. The meadows forms part of the river Trent floodplain and in consequence any urban design proposals have to accommodate this function. Julian’s scheme development included comprehensive public consultations and the community were participating in the project throughout its inception and development. The architect’s ambition was to develop a zero carbon inner city regeneration project. The urban interventions were all “light touch” and redefined the public realm with high quality inserts that confirmed community thoroughfares and a desire for improved facilities. Parts of the project are ongoing and the local community remain committed to reducing carbon energy consumption and sustainable energy residential developments.