Market Square


The marketplace in the centre of Leicester is the largest covered marketplace in Europe. As part of the City Regeneration project, we were asked by the Head of Regeneration and Culture at Leicester City Council to undertake a design feasibility study to review the whole of the marketplace square. The briefing criteria were extensive and interrelated in a broad sweep of regeneration ambitions. The key client ambitions included, the demolition of the large red brick indoor market building to the west of the historic Cornmarket and replacement of this building due to dereliction and food hygiene legislation. The client brief also required a significant increase of basement level car parking, chilled storage facilities and access, egress in a fundamental upgrade of market traders facilities. Other briefing criteria included: The increase of public access and disability access. Development of a high quality stack of residential space above to approximately six storeys. Integration of a new public transport facility at the edge of the market square. The replacement of the monolithic roofscape to the full main market area. New flexible structures to allow the complete clearance of the market square. The establishment of clear containment of waste management trucks and improved food hygiene and waste management procedures.