Liverpool Street


The lighting scheme for Liverpool Street Station was commissioned by British Rail Architecture and Design Group. After informal interviews in London we were asked to submit a lighting scheme strategy document that would detail an approach to both the Liverpool Street Station public areas embracing pedestrian routes to the bus deck and the adjacent Bishopsgate Underground Station entrance. In each instance the client architect, Alistair Landsley required shadow free, glare free light distribution to each scheme with a guarantee of 300 lux of even illumination to each pedestrian surface. Floodlighting from adjacent architectural fa├žades was discounted on grounds of complexity, glare, shadowing and user discomfort. The solution to these design criteria was to use reflected light from large scale enamelled circular reflectors which would provide the required 300 lux of glare and shadow free illumination. The design team built working samples of each of the key luminaires including the 10 metre tall arrays which were signed off by the architectural team and British Rail engineers. Once these optical arrays had been built and tested the design team managed the process through to site installation and handover.