Product Design

The table and desk programme was commissioned by Knoll Europe. The products and reputation of Knoll International helped define the American Corporate Office during the second half of the 20th Century. The origins of the American “workstation” can be traced to the development of Action Office, and once this inventive step was made furniture corporations across the USA raced to compete with new modular workstation programmes. The American design response was to build furniture systems that allowed the workstation panel or wall components to become the dominant building block of American corporate interiors. These panel and wall components served to divide Architectural interiors, describe boundaries to activities and define the edges of “my workplace”. We were approached by Knoll Europe to challenge the historic heaviness of the American workstation and to develop a table – desk programme which was more suited to the tradition of European Corporate architecture, a programme devoted to transparency, the minimisation of mass and the emergent requirement for increased mobility. The design study embraces a lightweight frame system bonded together via corner connectors that integrate small capsules of low melt adhesive.