Leicestershire Image Bank

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When we established the underlying principles for the Leicestershire Image Bank in 2002 we faced very different economic prospects. The Leicester Regeneration Company was about to deliver a city wide masterplan and the City of Leicester itself was about to see architectural investments exceeding £2 billion. Many debates were held in the City about the fitness for purpose of these regeneration plans and several were keen to point out that you don’t fix an economy just with new buildings. We argued that the story Leicestershire had to tell was significant and that traditional promotion of the City was woeful. Through detailed consultations over a two year period the benefits of a startling photographic portfolio or an “Image Bank for Leicestershire” were unanimously supported. The three main strands captured by leading regional photographers embraced Architecture, Land and Buildings, Multicultural Leicestershire - a City of Festivals and perhaps the most difficult subject matter Research, Invention and Innovation; a record of world leading research activity at the three Universities in renewable energy, sustainable development, bioscience, sports science and space research. Over 70 stakeholders were consulted to establish that these three visual essays sat at the centre of our social, economic and physical regeneration and that if we could demonstrate this through a feasibility study then the portfolio would broaden to embrace the rest of Leicestershire’s economic and cultural strengths. With great thanks to the following photographers. Martine Hamilton Knight, John Higginson, Stuart Hollis, Rachel White, John Matterson and Peter Packer.