Product Design

Axiom is a programme of corporate office furniture designed for one of the leading Scandinavian furniture industries with manufacturing facilities in Norway. The client had built unprecedented market share with a network of national dealerships. However the Oslo economy was becoming so prosperous that leading international manufacturers from Europe and the USA were targeting Norwegian Corporate and Government customers and our clients domestic market share was reducing year on year. The precedent for Axiom was established at Board level and Marketing targeted the UK, Holland and Denmark as key export territories. Approximately six months was devoted to visiting key Corporates, Government department procurement bosses and leading national architects. The visits were to engage and interview these decision makers or market guardians to establish their views on market requirements and market futures. The market research activities embraced detailed meetings and presentations by Shell, BP, The Rabbo Bank, The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and The Dutch Ministry of Agriculture. A series of fundamentally different performance criteria emerged from these studies in four countries, most notably the absence of daylight penetration in UK corporate floor plates. Other key issues embrace the polar opposite views of private office and open plan, how each territory powers and distributes network cables, and how shallow most European building plans are, again linked to health and well being rather than the economies of scale prevalent in the UK. Axiom emerged three years later and responded to the exceptional briefing dialogues in four European markets.