Product Design

The Horizon programme of exhibition and event lighting structures was commissioned by Concord Lighting. Projector lamps that could throw tightly resolved corporate images 15 metres were becoming an industry expectation. Emerging die cast luminaires that could project high resolution images this distance weighed several kilograms with metal halide lamps, running gear, glass lenses and image focus equipment on board. Horizon emerged from three concurrent market requirements. Firstly; the need to span several metres of exhibition or gallery space with structural integrity, secondly; to integrate a massive portfolio of Concord’s existing display lighting products and finally; that all of this should leave maximum flexibility of the exhibition gallery or retail floor beneath. In an effort to maximise this flexible display area, a series of free standing counterweighted lighting rigs were developed. The largest array of lighting rig covered an area of 2,000 square feet with only four points of contact at ground level.