Healy Group


The Healy Group of Food Industries were seeking new industrial facilities in Leicestershire. The clients brief for the interiors was very specific:
“We are a very ambitious food company and growing fast, we will be pursuing the highest European Food Industry environmental standards for our operation and the HQ must communicate that commitment to excellence immediately.”
The scheme developed by Atkinsons faced two dilemmas; The inherited scheme layouts for a shell and core development were not large enough for the clients management team and operational requirements. Secondly that the inherited scheme showed a labyrinth of corridors and the conspicuous absence of a passenger lift. The initial proposals which were immediately signed off by the client were for a second means of escape from the 1st floor office accommodation and a passenger lift at the heart of the scheme. These decisions immediately liberated the project and allowed considerable reduction of redundant corridor circulation combined with a significant increase in daylight penetration. The heart of the scheme is a double height glazed façade to the HQ entrance lobby with a glass bridge connecting the lift to a client conference room and a fully equipped demonstration kitchen for visiting customers.