Hazel Duct

Product Design

Shortly after our Liverpool Street and Bishopsgate Lighting schemes were completed we fell into small dispute with our landlords over the quality of light in our R and D workspace. The industrial ceiling was painted matt black and for those of us working 18 hours a day the lack of brightness was becoming an issue, particularly when very fine detail was being developed on models. The landlord wouldn’t fund the contractor costs for several coats of white paint to a few thousand square feet and we couldn’t sustain this impossible disruption and downtime. The precursor model for Hazel Duct emerged in two hours. Developed by Jon Laws (senior designer at Atkinson Design) the initial mock up demonstrated a larger than human scale column luminaire and reflector. The luminaire provided an autonomous island of high quality reflected light that could trace the perpetual movement and reconfiguration of the studio. The proposal was so incredibly simple, six staff, six luminaires. Concord Lighting were quick to see the benefits and flexibility. Once we showed Hazel Duct at the Hanover Light Show Siemens became the first customer, RIBA the second and the United Nations HQ in Geneva the third.