Gazebo Studies


The Gazebo studies were commissioned by the architect Robert Reuter for a gallery exhibition on Long Island. Robert Turner from S.O.M, Paul Haigh from Haighspace, the sculptor Hy Zellkowitz and the industrial designer Gotz Unger were other exhibitors from a short listed group of six practitioners. The brief was constrained by Long Island planning codes which admit any construction not exceeding one hundred square feet in plan and eight feet in height. The pretext for the Gazebo also included waterfront view and vista, and human expectations or desires including shade, shelter, privacy, solace, contemplation, place and intimacy. The proposals ran to a study of ten parallel expressions. The floor plan of one hundred square feet was laid out in a geometry approximate to the human eye. This floor plan geometry then contained several deeply familiar elements as a minor theatre set. A solar – wind screen to enhance shelter and privacy analogous to the sight screen, an elevated umbrella to contribute to sun shade but also to reflect illumination out of darkness, an architectural scale viewing monument rising to six feet in height and a staircase to ascend and descend. Each element can be moved within the floor plate and recomposed to fine tune this environment to seasonal weather conditions.