The EXO modular architectural system was commissioned by Owen Brown and a small consortium of international companies bidding for contracts at the Barcelona Olympics. The structural system had been in development at Atkinson Design for a 12 month period when the Barcelona Olympics opportunity emerged. After a series of full size pre-industrial prototype builds had been completed the overall scale of the system had grown to span 7.5 metres between column centres. The hybrid polymer and alloy lattice beams were demonstrating incredible strength to weight and strength to cost ratios. In response to the need to accelerate industrial development we invited Anthony Hunt to become the consulting engineer to shift from structural theory to first commercial structures. Working with Anthony Hunt proved to be incredibly rewarding and the first small commercial installations were built for several UK Garden Festivals and for BBC television studios. In addition to the lightweight industrial frame structures and tensile roof elements, a clip in, clip out glazed wall and panelling system was developed to expand the flexibility of the system.