Duke of Edinburgh Award

Product Design

The Duke of Edinburgh Award was commissioned by the Design Council as an award to the industrialist Robin Herd. The shortlist for the award was down to two. On one side the engineering team from Rolls Royce with the RB211 engine and on the other Robin. When we asked why had the Duke decided to give the award to Robin we received the following answer: “52 cars were entered for the 48 hour endurance race and only 15 finished…all 15 were built by Robin Herds company in Oxfordshire, no other competitor completed.” Armed with this persuasive description we spent a couple of hours in informal discussions with Robin at his March Racing HQ. Robin proved to be a charming and self effacing industrialist…he simply wanted a sun dial for his Oxfordshire home. The only design clues given included Robin’s Oxford Blues in cricket, his movement into property investment in Manhattan and that his Oxfordshire home had a south facing terrace in Cotswold stone. The sundial tries to capture some of Robin’s energy and achievement. The cast bronze pedestal will patinate with age, whilst the calibrated titanium gnomon will appear brighter with time.