Design Leicestershire

Publication / Conferences

The Design Leicestershire project was initiated by Atkinson Design Associates in 2005. EMDA, the Regional Development Agency commissioned a sequence of studies and reports that addressed the creative industries across the East Midlands Region. During those studies the unique cluster of design companies in Leicestershire rose to prominence and the statistical evidence demonstrated a design industry cluster exceeding three hundred companies employing six thousand staff. Once EMDA accountants became aware of the financial contribution to the regional economy support for the Design Leicestershire project slowly fell into place. The challenge which embraced exhaustive planning and meetings over a three year period started with gentle attempts to draw this community together. As a result of slowly built momentum with broader and deeper participation, competitive suspicion was generally replaced by trust. We would particularly like to thank Jenny Hillier of Briggs Hiller for her support from the very first project meeting and also Trevor Flannery. One of the key milestones in the project was the publication of the Design Leicestershire Book, a three hundred page book celebrating the creativity of Leicestershire design practitioners. We have subsequently shared the book with Embassy staff in two European and two Far Eastern Countries. The response is one of unanimous surprise - that a cluster of such quality prevails in such a small geographic area.