Carbon Fibre Group

Product Design

The Carbon Fibre Group of products were developed as part of a “blue sky” design study for a large UK industrial engineering group. The division of GEC were building development parts for the new European Fighter aircraft alongside other military components. As part of their management teams determination to diversify from an overdependence on military equipment, major orders had been secured in high tech construction industry sales. We were appointed after several interviews to take this diversification / evaluation one step further. The series of development projects included marine equipment, where the strength to weight ratios of carbon fibre elements really compete, and on into consumer products and contract goods. The work illustrated shows the development of an office chair structure where 90% of all mechanism has been stripped away. The evolving structural sections of the carbon fibre frame deliver all of the necessary resilience and compliance of good ergonomics. Whilst the materials are exotic the design principles embrace a “less is more” approach.