Product Design

We have worked with several brand teams at Boots on some of the most significant cosmetics products in the market. In the case of Botanics we were commissioned to design the retail display that brought the brand together as one collection for the first time, this was followed by a very successful launch into 60 stores and led, within a year, to the Botanics Cosmetics brief which was launched with equal success. The work undertaken on No.7 was really a start from scratch briefing. In competition with several UK retail design specialists ADA won the competitive pitch. The clients view was to pursue the proposed design strategy from ADA which realised three key design objectives simultaneously. To respect the No.7 brand aura whilst reducing its in store scale and complexity to an absolute working minimum. To reduce the commercial tooling for over four hundred brand products to a set of six modular industrial components. To reduce lighting energy costs for the brand in a six hundred store roll out by £750,000 over five years. Despite the rigorous simplification and rationalisation described, brand sales increased in the UK by 10% in year one and ROI for the entire investment occurred within the same calendar year.