The Bishopsgate Lighting Scheme was designed for the British Rail Architecture and Design Group working in close consultation with Anthony Hunt the appointed structural engineer. By the time Atkinson Design were appointed the glazed entrance canopy to the Bishopsgate Underground Station was at an advanced design stage. The parallel lighting project for the Liverpool Street public square and bus deck was in embryonic development at Atkinson Design, both the client and lead consultancy teams had agreed the underpinning design strategy of indirect illumination to both architectural spaces to minimise both shadowing and glare. In the specific case of Bishopsgate the client required glare free illumination to an entrance staircase descending approximately ten metres. A guarantee of 300 lux on each stair tread compounded the difficulty of lighting this public entrance given the glass canopy overhead. The series of enamelled steel reflectors at 2.4 metre diameter combined with an array of discharge lamps beneath resolved the challenge. The reflector cross section, combined with the array of discharge lamps and suspension distances proved to be critical in delivering 300 lux of glare free – shadow free illumination. All arrays are suspended on drawn stainless tubes 14mm in diameter, as we strived to keep such structure to a working minimum. The design team developed a unique universal joint to guarantee reflector levels whilst accommodating power supplies through the centre of the suspension rods.