Big Communications


The headquarters interior for Big Communications has been an unusual adventure. Big have a big reputation as Advertising Agency, Creative Agency and Brand Communicators, with over one hundred staff expert in sound, word and image. Early in the design process we agreed, in order to ensure the interior adequately reflected the creative identity of Big, that key creatives from the Agency team should be involved in the design process. The ebb and flow of the creative discourse was well managed, courteous, humorous and only occasionally mad.  We are very pleased with the results. The scheme reflects Atkinsons design intent while also reflecting the unique creativity Big offer to their clients.
The delivery of the scheme itself required six areas of the building being ripped out and renewed in sequence. So the client’s patience and support was vital throughout the project management period, the Agency remained fully active whilst selected contractors delivered each space on a pre agreed systematic basis. The scheme was completed in September 2011.